• Uwerx is a blockchain-based freelance project that will revolutionize the freelance industry.
• Its presale has been met with great demand and the team has made changes to its token allocation and liquidity lock in response.
• Uwerx is taking steps to make sure investors’ funds are secure, and it plans to run a Test Airdrop and launch the Uwerx Vault for users.

Uwerx: Revolutionizing the Freelance Industry

Uwerx is about to bring much needed improvements to the freelance industry with its soon-to-launch blockchain-based project. Already, traders are expressing their appreciation of Uwerx through the quick sale of tokens in its ongoing presale.

Presale Changes

The team has made some changes due to increased demand which include raising the presale allocation from 45% (337,500,000) tokens to 57% (427,500,000) tokens, raising the launch price to $0.095 – $0.115, founding members’ token allocation from 8% to 7%, reducing bonus from 25% to 20%, reducing partnership incentives to 3%, reducing performance incentives to 5% and increasing joining incentives to 6.5%. The total supply of WERX tokens is 750 million, and two more stages of presales will be available after this one ends on July 31st 2023.

Security Measures

To ensure that investors do not have anything worry about when it comes to their funds’ security, Uwerx was audited by SolidProof and InterFi Network before the presale started. The developers will renounce smart contract ownership of Uwerx when it’s ready for centralized exchanges too. Additionally, they have decided activate a 25-year liquidity lock on developers’ tokens before the end of this presale instead of after as initially planned due 82.8% community asking for it during a poll..

Test Airdrop

In order meet another request from 98.2% of its users who voted in favor during a poll recently held by Uwerx itself; they plan on running a Test Airdrop in order help verify user’s wallet addresses correctly .


The last step taken by UweVault was introducing an innovative feature known as “UweVault” which offers users a place save their token safely at all times even if there is any sort of fluctuation in market prices or any other kind uncertainty that might occur .

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