• Arbixel has launched the minting phase of its Genesis NFT collection.
• This fully-doxxed team from Finland and Estonia is creating a play-to-earn platform with vibrant NFTs.
• Arbixel’s tokenomics will provide liquidity, rewards for holders, and funds for development and marketing.

Arbixel’s Play-To-Earn Platform

Arbixel is a blockchain gaming project that allows users to turn real-world rewards into exciting adventures in gaming. The team behind Arbixel is a fully-doxxed group from Finland and Estonia with ambitious plans to create a thrilling play-to-earn platform with vibrant Non Fungible Tokens (NFT).

Genesis & Bixel NFT Collections

The Genesis collection will consist of 512 pieces with special abilities such as boosted stake & earn, play & earn, and increased in-game earnings. Meanwhile, the Bixel collection will be a regular play-to-earn (P2E) collection that provides access to stake & earn, play & earn, alpha game releases, and increased in game earnings.

Fully Doxxed Team

The founders of the project have extensive experience in their respective fields: Ren has eight years of experience in marketing for multimillion dollar companies; Miki has ten years of experience in entrepreneurship and scaling businesses; Truunik has six years of community building and content creation; while Nervanti is an automation engineer with 20+ years of game development experience. All four have completed KYC through SolidProof meeting each investor’s trust.

Tokenomics Of Arbixel

The native token will have a supply of 1 billion units, with 2% going towards increasing the project’s liquidity; 2% representing USDT rewards for token holders; and 2% going towards funding development and marketing initiatives to foster its growth.

Minting Phase Live On Website

The minting phase of the Genesis NFTs is live on Arbixel’s website enabling anyone to join the project by purchasing Bixels tokens at minimal cost.

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