• NOOT is introducing five new products, partners, and initiatives.
• Users can now access and utilize the NOOT Liquidity Pool, Web Swap & Telegram Swap, NootPortal, and NootAcademy.
• The project has also partnered with ApeSwap and BabyDoge to offer rewards for users who lend their tokens or provide liquidity to the trading pair.

NOOT Launches New Products

NOOT has announced the launch of five new products that aim to increase user engagement, education, and rewards. These include a NootEarn Telegram bot which allows users to send tokens to one or multiple individuals, add to the NOOT Liquidity Pool, send tokens to the Marketing Wallet or Burn Wallet, as well as mint NFTS all via Telegram! Additionally, they have launched a Web Swap & Telegram swap with a fiat on-ramp solution for easy token swapping between $BNB and $NOOT.

NootPortal & NootAcademy

In order to make tracking holdings easier for users, NOOT has created a NootPortal which gives an at-a-glance view of your holdings as they grow along with a fun penguin-themed ranking system. For those wanting more in depth cryptocurrency knowledge there’s also the newly launched NootAcademy offering topics ranging from security and Non Fungible Tokens (NFTs) to staking trends.

Partnerships with ApeSwap & BabyDoge

NOOT is proud to partner up with ApeSwap giving users an opportunity to obtain rewards by buying NOOT bonds – lending their $NOOT tokens for a specified period of time in return for a fixed interest rate or yield on their contribution. They have also partnered with Babydoge Swap allowing users who provide liquidity on the NOOT-Babydoge trading pair receive extra tokens as reward.

Commitment To Community Engagement & Education

As part of its commitment towards community engagement and education , NOOT aims build products that people can enjoy while educating others through its initiatives such as NootEarn Telegam bot , Web Swap & Telegram swap , NootPortal ,NootAcedmy etc . The team strongly believes that knowledge sharing is key in this ever evolving industry .


NOOT is steadily growing into an impressive BSC project due it its strong core values , drive to build enjoyable products , commitment towards community engagement/education initiatives partnership with ApeSwap/BabyDoge etc . It will be interesting how much further it grows in terms of usage , adoption and value within crypto space in future .

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