• Chainflip Labs is working with OKX Web3 and DoraHacks to create a seamless user experience for cross-chain value transfer.
  • The OKX Web3 wallet will be integrated into a front-end interface and the proceeds from running validators will be reinvested back into the Chainflip ecosystem.
  • Squid, Axelar, and OpenOcean are some of the other names joining forces to make cross-chain swaps more flexible, efficient, and affordable for Web3 audiences.

Chainflip Labs Collaborates With OKX Web3 & DoraHacks

ChainFlip Labs is developing the Chainflip protocol — a decentralised, trustless protocol that allows for seamless value transfer between any blockchain type. To further boost the Chainflip ecosystem in advance of its mainnet launch scheduled for Q4 2023, ChainFlip Labs has collaborated with OKX Web3 and DoraHacks.

OKX Integration

The first collaboration involves integrating the OKX Web3 wallet into a front-end interface, so that OKX Web3 users can connect seamlessly when swapping on Chainflip. This will help make it easier for users to access cross-chain swaps.

DoraHacks Proposal

The second collaboration involves DoraHacks’ proposal to fuel the ongoing development of the Chainflip ecosystem. The plan is to reinvest proceeds from running validators back into the Chainflip ecosystem in order to fund new projects and hackathons which can help improve the ecosystem.

More Partnerships Coming

As part of their expansion plans, more integrations and collaborations are in store for ChainFlip. These include names such as Squid, Axelar and OpenOcean who will work together to maximize asset coverage available to users, liquidity in ChainFlip pools and gas efficiency across chains.

ChainFlips’ collaborations with industry heavyweights such as OKXWeb 3&Dorahacks are great boosts towards their goal of creating an improved decentralised cross-chain swapping experience before their mainnet launch by Q4 2023. More partnerships are sure to follow as they seek even better ways of providing this service.

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