• Algorand is a blockchain platform designed to improve performance regarding scalability, transactional speed and interoperability.
• Avorak AI is a project that combines blockchain technology and artificial intelligence. It has a revenue and burning system for AVRK tokens.
• Avorak’s token will be allocated to the participants alongside the locking and launch of the liquidity pool.

Algorand: A Scalable Blockchain Platform

Algorand is a blockchain platform designed to improve performance in terms of scalability, transactional speed, and interoperability. The native currency of this system is known as ALGO, which is considered a digital asset with potential growth during the upcoming bull run in the crypto industry. ALGO’s current price may be low due to winter season but it should increase soon.

Avorak AI: Combining Blockchain and AI

Avorak AI is an emerging project that combines both blockchain technology and artificial intelligence (AI). It has an experienced management team of three experts who are well-versed in decentralized finance and marketing. SolidProof and CyberScope have audited the project for trustworthiness and transparency with their clients. The platform also has a revenue and burning system where 49% of collected funds are allocated to AVRK holders while another 49% goes back into Avorak for future developments, technology innovations, etc. The remaining 2% will be burnt via deflationary mechanism upon payment completion.

AVRK Token Allocation System

The native currency of Avorak AI is AVRK which currently stands at $0.27 during stage 8 of its initial coin offering (ICO). Purchases made during this phase are eligible for 3% bonus points too! Moreover, 40 million tokens have been distributed among different allocations as per whitepaper guidelines. However, no distribution will take place before Liquidity Pool lock in order to ensure safety from other users trying to create their own pools before fixed price by team members goes live on the marketplaces.

Audit Reports for Authenticity

SolidProof & CyberScope have audited Avorak’s project so as to certify its authenticity & transparency towards customers & investors alike! This adds more value & trustworthiness in contrast with other cryptocurrency projects that tend to emerge, last for some time then get lost or fail initially due to bad management teams or poor marketing/funding strategies employed by them!


In conclusion, Algorand offers scalable solutions while Avorak AI promises trustworthy results through its combination of blockchain technology & artificial intelligence along with reliable audit reports from SolidProof & CyberScope respectively! Plus, it offers AVRK tokens at discounted prices with bonus incentives too making it one of the most attractive options out there in digital ecosystem right now!

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