• Chainlink’s future is uncertain while InQubeta is emerging as a cryptocurrency with unique value in the AI niche.
• InQubeta is a platform that brings together AI and blockchain technology, through its NFT marketplace and utility token QUBE.
• InQubeta’s advanced tokenomics and high-value propositions are making it increasingly popular in the crypto space.

The Shift in Chainlink

Once considered a leading project in the Oracle space, doubts are now looming over the future of Chainlink. Crypto market sentiment sways constantly due to price fluctuations and market dynamics, causing changes in investor confidence in certain projects.

InQubeta: An AI Token with Value

InQubeta has emerged from these turbulent times as an attractive cryptocurrency with unique value in the AI niche. The convergence of AI and blockchain technology makes this project not only disruptive but also trendy among investors. Its presale has already raised over $1.7 million, showing the overwhelming participation of its loyal followers confident in its vision for AI startups crowdfunding via cryptocurrency.

InQubeta’s Unique Features

InQubeta features an NFT marketplace where entrepreneurs can raise funds by minting investment opportunities as equity-based NFTs – allowing investors to own stakes and enjoy returns associated with such investments. Additionally, its fractional investment model offers no buy limits on investments into AI startups, allowing everyone to participate regardless of their budget size or experience level.

Advanced Tokenomics & Deflationary Effects

InQubeta’s advanced tokenomics have been instrumental to its success so far; most of its tokens are allocated towards public sales, rewards & marketing activities, while there is also a 2% tax on sales and 1% tax on purchases which contribute to deflationary effects – meaning that holding onto QUBE tokens may result in increased value over time due to scarcity created by burning tokens periodically.


The shift in sentiment around Chainlink shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon; however investors who believe in the potential of AI startups may find great value investing into InQubeta (QUBE). The platform’s advanced tokenomics combined with its fractionalized investment model make it an ideal choice for those looking to get involved with cutting-edge technologies like Artificial Intelligence without needing extensive capital or prior experience.

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